Introducing Jade and her Jazzy Jackets

by | Apr 10, 2018 | News

Here at Pallant Restaurant and Café, we’re extremely proud of the team we have working here and we thought it was time to introduce you to the familiar faces. In this blog you will meet Jade – you will know her from serving your coffee and cake at Pallant Café. We are always passionate about providing a quality fresh menu and an atmospheric, exciting experience for all our customers, it is great that we are able to gather ideas from our customers. Recently, Jade came up with the fantastic idea of introducing a very popular dish to the café and so far they have been flying out the door!

Jade, you recently had the brilliant idea of introducing Jacket potatoes to the café, what is your favourite potato filling? – I love Chilli con carne and cheese on mine. The jacket potato is simple yet delicious and everyone loves it as their go-to comfort food! I was always being asked if we could serve a jacket potato, so it just seemed right to properly introduce them to the café. They have been extremely popular and one customer mentioned, “it was great to find somewhere to have a light lunch when in Chichester”, another said of the dish, “it tasted just like mum’s home cooked jacket potato”.

Our toppings go a lot further than just the standard Beans and Cheese, we have fillings piled high including: Chicken and Bacon Mayo and Creamed Cabbage and Chorizo – they are perfect for a midweek lunch break and prices start at £6.50.

Come say hello to Jade and and get yourself a Jacket Potato, we are open Tuesday to Sunday, take a seat in the sunshine and take advantage of our beautiful walled courtyard area.